Contest Testimonials

When Writing It Real holds a writing contest, members receive Sheila’s response to their initial drafts and my enter revisions if they would like before the final guest judge chooses the winners. Here’s how people have benefitted:

  • “Sheila, your comments and suggestions greatly improved my work. I appreciate the way this competition was structured.” ~ Rhonda Wiley-Jones
  • “Thank you so very much for your SUPER fast and thoughtful reply. I`ve been stuck with this piece for almost two years and any revising was to no avail. The ending did not seem right, as you suggested. And some of the images did not fit, such as the tear extinguishing the flame – I like your rephrasing for that part. In summary, all your comments were “right on” and will get me out of this rut! Thank you!”
    ~ Beth Krueger
  • “I`ve really appreciated your thoughtful responses to my essays… It`s so great to get some solid feedback!” ~ Kristie McLean
  • “This was a fantastic story. I don`t usually like war stories, but you brought the whole experience to life. A compelling read! Thank you.” ~ Celia Jones
  • “Thanks so much! I`m thrilled to be honored by Writing It Real and look forward to your comments.”
    ~ Jan Burak Schwert
  • “This is a huge thrill for me. Thank you!” ~ Lori Stott
  • “As I have mentioned before, your experience, writing and website is so important to me and to so many others. It is as though we have found a united voice for our memories, feelings and ideas to share with others and in turn help us understand who we are, why we write and the importance of having a site like yours to exchange our essays. Thank you so much for my honorable mention award. It means a lot to me.” ~ Diane Leone-Ferdico