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Do you need help with your computer? Writing It Real’s page administrator, Kurt VanderSluis, is a computing professional with over 25 years of experience with Macs and PCs. He can help you untangle your files, do the updates you’ve put off which slows your computer down, and tutor you on installing and utilizing software and web services. All of this because he can use a program that allows him access to your screen while you are having the consult. Purchase a half-hour ($45) now. We’ll email you immediately with information for making an appointment at a time convenient for you.

Testimonials from Pleased Writing It Real Members:

“Thought I should follow-up, Kurt, and let you know how well things worked out following your good work. Thanks for your help and interest. I liked the simplicity and the speed.” –Graeme Connell, Calgary, Canada

I was having a difficult and anxious time with a full manuscript in back and forth editing process.  I was confused about responding to the editor’s side notes, the color coding, making and not making changes, moving files onto the desktop,sending .doc attachments. Fortunately I met Kurt ( on the phone) and at once felt completely assured that assistance was on the way. In two online sessions he showed me and talked me through all my needed steps. In short time everything came together and with ease. I owe Kurt huge thanks for his tutorial help.”  — NSL

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