"Sheila, thank you so much for being one of my most important inspirations! This writing I did in your workshop at Pima Community College. It is my first submissions ever of anything I ever wrote, and it got published in the Pima College Art & Literary Magazine Cababi. I am on my way. I am a Writer! And I am published!!!"





Upcoming Retreat and Classes:
  • Writer’s Retreat – Port Orchard, WAEnrollment now closed! Watch for a next retreat offering soon. Get your writing done and enjoy consults with professionals!
    October 6-9 and October 10-12 with Sheila Bender and publisher Shirin Bridges. Email shirin.bridges@goosebottombooks.com for information as there may be last minute openings.  
  • Online:
    Befriending the Giant  –  How Amazon Can Help You Realize Your Publishing Dreams – 8/1 – 9/12
    More for summer and early fall through Story Circle Network (my two are on the right-hand sidebar) and Women on Writing (look for 8/15 abd 9/6).
    And then more online through Writing It Real: Visit here for online workshops information and dates for poetry, personal essay, lyric essay, letter form essay, and starting essays from indepth writing exercises.

Make Your Writing Dreams Come True! Learn from Poet, Essayist and Author Sheila Bender

Sheila Bender Author

Sheila’s slogan when it comes to work-in-progress is that there is no bad writing, only opportunities for good writing. Her community of contributing writers and students are committed to bringing life experiences to the page.  So, whether you are reading Writing It Real’s library of weekly articles, working in Writing It Real’s online classes, attending  writers’ conferences with master writers or receiving response and mentoring in one-on-one study, you will learn to develop your work and say what you’ve dreamed of saying. If you’d like to publish, you will be on your way to submitting work that grabs editors’ attention.

Taking time to write from personal experience provides the right food and the right stuff for finding what lights our souls and what we have to offer others.

Beginning new work or reshaping older work?  Sheila can help you look into your creative nonfiction, memoir, personal essay, poetry and short fiction, even college and graduate school application essays, for surprises and wisdom. Learn to bring out the best in your writing. Join Writing It Real today. It’s  the “write” place for expert guidance and tremendously useful resources.

Sheila Bender Author

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