It is important to Sheila to learn how her articles, in-person and online instruction, coaching and editing services have helped writers achieve their writing goals. People’s written testimonials let her know she’s on track. In addition to this sampling, there are many more testimonials organized by topic including Articles, Writer’s Conference, Essay Contest and Workshops, Online classes & One-on-Ones.


Your influence is having a huge impact on my work, having me commit to it, viewing it as a serious “writerly” endeavor, not to mention you’re helping me move my approach and writing quality light years forward.One other point is that I honestly wish I had begun my work with you ages ago. I’d probably be on my third book by now.

— Marlene Samuels

Thank you, Sheila for holding and respecting our vulnerabilities, while helping us shape essays that express what we really want to express.

— Jan Henrikson


Thank you for gently, but firmly guiding me in expanding and honing my writing. I look forward to more in the future.

— Judy Miller

Sheila’s exercises, as opposed to others, seem to pull the best writing out of me. I appreciate Sheila’s kindness yet helpfulness in responding to my writings.

— Elizabeth Marie Wampler

I had the opportunity to take two of Sheila’s classes on line this past winter, which were life changing for me!  Great information, honest feedback, and confidence building! I hope to keep growing through this new experience.

— Judy Kvinsland


Thanks for your guidance through this course. I cannot believe we are at the end. I feel I have grown as a writer from reading the other essays and the variety of comments. It’s a course I will take again. 

— Sue LeBreton

…this is the 1st class, the 1st place ever, that I’ve experienced the deep power of editing!

 — Lauren Ross

I have taken several online courses with relatively famous women writers, and you have been the most giving and involved with genuine feedback and follow-through.  I thank you for that. I have learned from reading your remarks to others and the assignments have been thought-provoking and challenging–just the right mix for an aspiring writer.

— Lori Talarico


Taking this class not only gave me a safe container to hold and work with my grief, but helped to jumpstart  my writing again. It was a pleasure to work with each of my classmates, and I enjoyed the process of sharing our work.

— April Doherty

I’m sooo excited. Thanks to you and your smarts and response. I love what you have done. Your work on my one section is a gift as you are indeed a gift. I have carefully read and read your revision and with increasing clarity see what you have done; it works much better for certain and has set me on a “new and improved” start.

— Nancy Levinson

… your writing guidance is priceless!

— Edith O’Nuallain

Thank you all so much for reading and providing feedback to me, and for encouraging me to open that vein! Sheila, this has by far been the best writing class I have ever taken as far as the process (velcro and feelings, curiosities) and the feedback. You are amazing!

— Ruth Ewers

You’re a wonderful memoir teacher — truly, the best I’ve had.

— Debby Silverberg

Thank you for all things in this class, Sheila.  It has been a dream come true.

— Ann Winfred