Let Your Writer Self Be With You

As back-to-school time is here, many of us feel in the mood to get back to our writing. However, we may be overwhelmed by the rush of fall and what it demands of us after what may have seemed like slower days during the longer light of summer. I am reposting an essay that appears in my book…Continue Reading

Writing the Cause and Effect Essay

Sometimes we think a topic is so important or so big that we don’t know how to begin writing about it. That’s when using age-old styles of organization can help us figure out how to say what we didn’t know we could. One such style you can use for organizing and conjuring material for a…Continue Reading

Visual Art Helps Us Write Grief’s Wisdom

In celebration of the publication of the new print version of Sorrow’s Words: Writing Exercises to Heal Grief, a book that offers help to those who want to write about loss, we are posting this excerpt.  Although the exercises are discussed as springing from my own loss, that of my son when he was twenty-five, I believe…Continue Reading

Embedded in The Dogs of Babel: A Useful Writing Tool

This article first appeared in Writing It Real in 2003. It contains one of my favorite “reading for writing” lessons. I hope you will enjoy reading about the book The Dogs of Babel and doing the exercise I propose for your own writing. On my vacation this year along the shores of Lake Michigan, I…Continue Reading