In Conversation with Three Very Different Writers

Every few months, I sit with sound engineer Charlie Fleishman at the studio of Port Townsend, WA’s all volunteer FM station and record conversations with four writers. Each of these Sundays includes telephone conversations with writers from anywhere in the country and in studio conversations local writers.  Each program plays two to three times…Continue Reading

What Makes Getting Started Easy as Starting a Car?

The writer Kim Stafford tells his workshops that it is important for writers to “keep worthy company.” As I prepare to teach a writing workshop this weekend, I remember an article I wrote a decade ago. Reading it now, I add that to keep worthy company means to be worthy company. I once created a daily writing exercise for…Continue Reading

Making a Daybook into Creative Non-Fiction

When a new year starts, we often resolve that this is the year to take our writing seriously and to keep a writing schedule. Here is a repost of an earlier Writing It Real article with five great ideas for accomplishing this. Try them. I think you’ll find that you build the discipline you’ve been…Continue Reading

The Crack-Up

I have been following the work of Sarah White on True Stories Well Told for a few years now. I recently read her essay “The Crack-Up” and felt that it would resonate with many Writing It Real members who are writing about family. I am pleased to have received Sarah’s permission to post the article this week.…Continue Reading