Embedded in The Dogs of Babel: A Useful Writing Tool

This article first appeared in Writing It Real in 2003. It contains one of my favorite “reading for writing” lessons. I hope you will enjoy reading about the book The Dogs of Babel and doing the exercise I propose for your own writing. On my vacation this year along the shores of Lake Michigan, I…Continue Reading

In Appreciation

One day, I created a writing exercise for myself by opening the dictionary to a random page. With my eyes closed, I circled my finger over the page until it landed on a word. I read the definition and wrote the word at the top of a blank Microsoft Word document. It was “hagioscope,” which…Continue Reading

Writing It Real Member Spotlight: Pat LaPointe

Past Story Circle Network Board President, Pat LaPointe is currently Membership Chair for the organization. Why has she taken on another administration position just as a previous one has ended when she is also busy at work on a first novel? Because, she says, “In my twelve years with The Story Circle Network, I have…Continue Reading