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Jack Heffron
Jack Heffron is an award-winning columnist for Cincinnati magazine. He authored The Writer's Idea Book and was founding editor of Story magazine, two-time National Magazine Award for Fiction.Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, his nonfiction appears in Best American Travel Writing. He has served as editorial director for three publishers over 25 years in the publishing business.

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Taking Chances

After years of writing, editing, publishing authors and teaching, Jack Heffron knows why we get stuck and how to work around that and back into our material. He’ll be teaching with Meg Files and Sheila Bender at our Writing It Real in Nashville April 25-28 conference. Join us for a chance to work with Jack as…Continue Reading


Two years ago, Jack Heffron read this personal essay at our Writing It Real conference in Port Townsend. An exercise Jack offered this past conference involved writing a confession about something you haven’t confessed before. His assignment made me remember the entertaining and true-to-human nature essay he’d read to us the year before. Now Jack has given Writing…Continue Reading

The Conversation Itself

Jack Heffron is one of the most versatile writers I know. I’ve read his short fiction, creative nonfiction, books on writing, books that he has ghost written and books that he’s edited (including my own). Recently, I read some of his interviews and it brought up some questions that I wanted to ask him. Sheila…Continue Reading

Sometimes Writing is a Matter of Memory and Resolve

How do writers decide what to write about? In “Death on a Quiet Street“, by Jack Heffron and John Boertlein, Cincinnati Magazine, April 2008, Jack Heffron writes: Last September, I was having dinner with my friend John Boertlein when the Bricca murders came up. John, who grew up in Delhi and has known about the…Continue Reading