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Writing: From Holons to Whole

From Write! Write! Write! 7 Dynamite Exercises for Those Who Want to Write Prose from Personal Experience by Sheila Bender American philosopher Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything. posits the view of our universe as an “emergent Kosmos,” which counts on creativity, the movement of chaos into form. The term Kosmos, introduced by the…Continue Reading

What Makes Getting Started Easy as Starting a Car?

The writer Kim Stafford tells his workshops that it is important for writers to “keep worthy company.” As I prepare to teach a writing workshop this weekend, I remember an article I wrote a decade ago. Reading it now, I add that to keep worthy company means to be worthy company. I once created a daily writing exercise for…Continue Reading

What is Writing the Personal Essay For?

“The hallmark of the personal essay is its intimacy. The writer seems to be speaking directly into your ear, confiding everything from gossip to wisdom, Through sharing thoughts, memories, desires, complaints and whimsies, the personal essayist sets up a relationship with the reader, a dialogue—a friendship, if you will, based on identification, understanding, testiness, and…Continue Reading