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The Crack-Up

I have been following the work of Sarah White on True Stories Well Told for a few years now. I recently read her essay “The Crack-Up” and felt that it would resonate with many Writing It Real members who are writing about family. I am pleased to have received Sarah’s permission to post the article this week.…Continue Reading

Sarah Pleydell – An Excerpt from her Novel Cologne and Words on Her Writing Process

Goodreads describes Sarah Pleydell’s novel Cologne this way “London, 1960: Renate von Hasselmann, a nineteen-year-old German au pair, arrives at Victoria Station prepared to meet her new charges, Caroline and Maggie Whitaker. Yet she is ill-prepared for their parents: the mother, Helen, knows more about Nazi Germany than Renate does, and the father, Jack, disarms…Continue Reading

If You Want to Write…

This week, Judy Reeves, author of the new book, Wild Women, Wild Voices, shares her thoughts on writing practice. Here article serves as a good review for all of us who are busy concentrating on revising and publishing and may have begun to overlook the idea of what a writing practice is and offers. She…Continue Reading