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Use the Letter Form to Open Your Heart

The essay in letter form is, as you know, one of my favorites. I find that whether I intend to send the letter I write or, more often than not, don’t plan on sending it, I benefit greatly from the writing as I find an opening in my heart. With feelings running high this week,…Continue Reading

I Love Flash

There is a movement toward honoring short writing. Whether it is in journals calling for “flash” writing, fiction or nonfiction, or anthologies of short shorts, the genre is all around us. I am an advocate of looking inside longer writing you may have created and finding a flash (under 1,000 words but often only 750…Continue Reading

Writing the Cause and Effect Essay

Sometimes we think a topic is so important or so big that we don’t know how to begin writing about it. That’s when using age-old styles of organization can help us figure out how to say what we didn’t know we could. One such style you can use for organizing and conjuring material for a…Continue Reading