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Writing: From Holons to Whole

From Write! Write! Write! 7 Dynamite Exercises for Those Who Want to Write Prose from Personal Experience by Sheila Bender American philosopher Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything. posits the view of our universe as an “emergent Kosmos,” which counts on creativity, the movement of chaos into form. The term Kosmos, introduced by the…Continue Reading

Awakening the Travel Journal Keeper Within

 In 2008, I published a version of this article based on the writings authors Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Robert Hellenga contributed to my 1991 book The Writer’s Journal: 40 Contemporary Writers and Their Journals. Both writers talked about a way in which the entry they share in the book ended up in a finished piece of writing.…Continue Reading

What is Poetry?

This week, The New York Times Book Review ran an article titled “Gloria Steinem: By the Book,” in which they quote from her memoir My Life on the Road . Most of her reading, these days, she reports, is of poetry. “If you poured water on a great poem,” Steinem writes, “you would get a novel.”…Continue Reading