Coaching and Mentoring Services

Do you have a large  nonfiction writing project on your hands?  Or are you feeling compelled to start one but not sure how to do that?

Writing a book is work but it can be fun and extremely satisfying. I’d like to help you make your book dream come true.

Using my experience writing and publishing over a dozen books as well as coaching others who have successfully published their work, I can help you conceptualize, outline and organize your nonfiction book or memoir.

I can help you stay on course with your writing and research schedule and provide feedback for you as you go along, helping you to keep from getting stuck and helping you understand what writing a book and publishing it involve each step of the way.

Hire me to be your writing coach and you will get more done than you can imagine:

  • You’ll spend your first coaching hour with me on the phone talking about your project.
  • I will send you an outline and work plan after that discussion to help you begin your project without hesitation.  If you are needing to revise a manuscript, I’ll work on re-visioning the book’s organization.
  • I’ll  create a schedule for talking with you each week to help you over stumbling blocks with writing ideas and targeted exercises to help you continue to find the richness in your material.
  • We’ll work by phone, email and screen share to keep making progress on the book or other writing you are working on.

    Email Sheila today to discuss a custom program that will work for you.