Telephone Consults for Writing Review

Telephone Office Hours for Writing Review

Have a favorite piece you just can’t seem to finish, a piece you feel isn’t quite right for its occasion or need ideas for making a whole book from what you’ve got so far?

Sheila can help you take your writing to the next level by offering her response and suggestions by telephone. Email Sheila for more information.

Purchase one half hour of consulting time. Send an essay or chapter up to 3750 words or six poems per phone consult (I call you) – $80

Purchase a bundle of 4 half-hour consults and send an essay or chapter up to 3750 words or six poems for each 30-minute phone consult – $285

  • Purchase a bundle of 8 half-hour consults and send an essay or chapter up to 3750 words or six poems for each  30-minute phone consult – $550


Book-length Manuscript Evaluation

Sheila is a developmental editor, who can advise you on shaping your memoir or nonfiction how-to book manuscript so others (including publishers) feel satisfied as readers.

Her fee includes a one and a half-hour phone conversation (she’ll call you at a time arranged via email) with her response and editorial advice as well an editorial letter and  extensive notes on the manuscript itself, which she will email back to you before the phone call. Book-length Manuscript Evaluation for Writing It Real Members –  $675 Email Sheila for more information. Price on this one goes up in October!


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Self-Schedule – Private Writing Tutorial – Email Sheila for more information

Concentrate on a piece from start to finish:

Concentrate on developing an article, personal essay or a poem.

Work on something you’ve started already, or Sheila can offer you prompts to choose from and provide detailed response to your first draft and to two revisions. Initial draft can be up to 1500 words long and the tutorial must be completed within 30 days. The fee is $95.

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Self-Schedule – Generate Four Starts in One Week

Want to spend a week writing new pieces from guaranteed-to-work exercises so you can stock up your files and notebooks and stay in practice?

Receive four prompts, one every other day. Send Sheila the writing you do from each of the four prompts and she will respond with advice on how to develop the exercise writing into a finished piece.

In this tutorial, all work must be done in one week’s time. The fee is $50.

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Coaching and Mentoring Services for Members

Do you have a large  nonfiction writing project on your hands?  Or are you feeling compelled to start one but not sure how to do that? Writing a book is work but it can be fun and extremely satisfying. I’d like to help you make your book dream come true.

Using her experience writing and publishing over a dozen books as well as coaching others who have successfully published their work, Sheila can help you conceptualize, outline and organize your nonfiction book or memoir.

She can help you stay on course with your writing and research schedule and provide feedback for you as you go along, helping you to keep from getting stuck and helping you understand what writing a book and publishing it involve each step of the way.

Hire her by the month to be your writing coach and you will get more done than you can imagine:

  • You’ll spend your first coaching hour with me on the phone talking about your project.
  • She will send you an outline and work plan after that discussion to help you begin your project without hesitation.  If you are needing to revise a manuscript, I’ll work on re-visioning the book’s organization.
  • She will  create a schedule for talking with you each week for an hour to help you over stumbling blocks with writing ideas and exercises to keep you finding the richness in your material.
  • Sheila will work by phone, email and screen share so you keep making progress on the book you are working on.

Fee: $400 for the initial month, $375 for subsequent months. Email Sheila for more information.

Help Editing and Developing Essays, Poems, Stories, Articles, Book Chapters, Book Proposals and Whole Manuscripts

Sometimes coaching that helps you know what to do is not enough. Sometimes an editor’s skillful hand is what you need–someone who will make the changes and develop the material for you based on the information you supply.

Sheila works individually with Writing It Real members by telephone and email. She make edits that address structure and organization, wording and phrasing, deep meaning and how to evoke it, as well as ways in which your manuscript can be developed for marketability.

She keeps track of the minutes she uses on each pass before she sends the work back for further information from you. She lets you know with each pass how much of the time you purchased is left. Response time is within 3 days.

If you need a developmental editor, purchase one or more hours and email Sheila your work and a description of how you’d like to enhance it. I will edit and return your document to you within three days as well as call you if we need telephone time.

Developmental and Line Editing – $120 Per Hour (1 hour minimum)



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