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Click here to listen to Sheila be interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by Steve Dahlberg & Mary Alice Long. Sheila talks about bringing our creativity to writing from personal experience.

An archive of Sheila Bender’s KPTZ program “In Conversation: Discussions on Writing and the Writing Life” as well as programs in which she’s been interviewed.

Sheila is talking with Port Townsend based poet, teacher and translator Afrose Ahmed about her writing, the impromptu poems she writes for others, and the evolution of her interest in the power of writing. Listen
Silano-Agodon Sheila talks with poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano about their work encouraging each other’s writing as well as creating the Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice. Listen
BethAlvarado300 Sheila talks with Tucson and Oregon based author Beth Alvarado about her writing, her teaching and the value of writing memoir for political action. Listen
elizabethausten240  Sheila talks with poet Elizabeth Austen about her work as a poet and her tenure as WA State Poet Laureate. Listen
BethBacon300 Sheila talks with Bainbridge Island, WA middle grade and young adult author Beth Bacon about what she’s learned about the creative process. Listen
 Sheila talks with Doris Baizley about her work as a playwright bringing the words of  communities to the stage. Listen
Sheila Bender Writing It Real 1) Sheila is interviewed about her memoir, A New Theology, on KUOW by Elizabeth Austin. Listen
2) Sheila is interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by Steve Dahlberg & Mary Alice Long. She talks about bringing our creativity to writing from personal experience. Listen
3)Sheila is interviewed about writing creative non-fiction by Mark Matousek for his website about personal awakening and transformation.  Listen
4)Sheila is interviewed by The Writing Show host Paula B. on the subject of the personal essay. Listen
1) Sheila talks with Susan Bono about her career as a writer, editor, publisher and teacher. Listen

2) Sheila talks with Petaluma editor and author Susan Bono about writing and promoting her new collections of essays, What Have We Here: Essays About Keeping House and Finding Home. Listen

Sheila talks with career journalist and investigative reporter Tony Brenna about his life writing for publications in the US and abroad.  Listen
JodyBower-web Sheila talks with author Jody Gentian Bower about writing and supporting her book Jane Eyre’s Sisters: How Women Live and Write the Heroine’s Story.  Listen
cogen Sheila talks with Patty Cogen, author of nonfiction for parents of internationally adopted children, as well as poet and essayist. Listen
Steve de Jarnatt300 Sheila Bender talks with filmmaker and screenwriter Steve de Jarnatt about his turn to writing fiction. Listen
DAlessandro3 Sheila talks with Michael D’Alessandro about his poetry and his small poetry press project, bedouin books. Listen
rikki ducornet 300 Sheila talks with visual artist, novelist and poet Rikki Ducornet about her writing and teaching and small book publishing venture. Listen
Sheila is talking with New York fiction writer and essayist Janice Eidus about current developments in her writing and teaching career. Listen
Elizabeth-Evans300 Sheila talks with Tucson novelist Elizabeth Evans about her newest novel and her career as a novelist and Professor of Creative Writing. Listen
megfiles300 Sheila talks with Tucson writer Meg Files about her writing and teaching career. Listen
GlennFleishman_300v2 Sheila talks with Seattle freelance writer Glenn Fleishman, tech columnist for many magazines and publisher of his own venture, the online periodical, The Magazine. Listen
RuthFolit-new Sheila talks with Ruth Folit, creator of LifeJournal software (which includes an add-on for writers) and founder of the International Association for Journal Writing. Listen
jeannine_gailey Sheila talks with Jeannine Hall Gailey about her life in poetry. Listen
ChristiKGlover Sheila speaks with writer Christi Killien Glover about her blog and novella. Listen
KPTZ Studio Rafe Toby 300 Sheila talks with her grandsons Rafe and Toby about their writing as part of a fundraiser for KPTZ radio. Listen
Jordan hartt200 Sheila speaks with Centrum Foundation’s Port Townsend Writers’ Conference program manager Jordan Hartt about his writing and project of the heart Writing Across Borders. Listen
Adrianne-Harun Sheila talks with Adrianne Harun about her award winning novel, A Man Came Out of a Door in the Mountain, and her career as a fiction writer and instructor in the Rainier Writer’s Workshop. Listen
jack_heffron300 Sheila talks with writer Jack Heffron and his work and long time position of editor at several presses. Listen
estherHelfgott Sheila talks with poet and essayist Esther Helfgott about her writing life and work building community through writing. Listen
Wendy-Hinman300 Sheila is talking with Bainbridge Island writer and adventurer Wendy Hinman about writing her memoir, marketing the book to a wide audience and her current project written in the voices of others. Listen
Sheila participates in a round table discussion of the writing she, Molly Hollenbach and Wendy Chapman did in playwright Doris Baisley’s workshop. Listen
Sheila Bender speaks with David D. Horowitz, Seattle poet and founder of Rose Alley Press. Listen
Pam Houston200 Sheila speaks with fiction writer Pam Houston about her book Contents May Have Shifted, the Port Townsend, WA 2013 Community Read. Listen
Holly-Hughes Sheila talks with poet Holly J. Hughes about her poetry and her teaching career as a writer. Listen
Andrea-Hurst Sheila talks with agent and novelist Andrea Hurst about the new aspects of agenting, publishing and writing. Listen
Gayle Kaune 200 Sheila speaks with poet Gayle Kaune about her poetry collections and writing life as a poet. Listen
Rita Kepner240 Sheila talks with author Rita Kepner about her memoir Through Fire and Water: True Stories of Rita Marie Matthiesen as told to Laura Callender, which she wrote using a pen name. Listen
kitchen-rubin120 Sheila talks with the Judith Kitchen and Stan Rubin, heads of The Rainier Writers’ Workshop about low-residency MFA programs. Listen
RobertKomishane300 Sheila is talking with Robert Komishane, who took up rapping in middle age about what he’s learned entering the rap world. Listen
100522_Kortge Sheila speaks with journalist Carolyn Kortge about her nonfiction work, The Spirited Walker: Fitness Walking for Clarity, Balance, and Spiritual Connection. Listen
Mara Lathop Sheila talks with playwright Mara Lathrop about her writing and her career. Listen
Sheila talks with poet and blues musician Gary Lilley about the roots of his writing and interest in playing the blues.  Listen
Priscilla Long300 Sheila is talking with Seattle author, teacher and poet, Priscilla Long, about her career in writing. Listen
mathews-youngmann240 Sheila talks with author and poet Ellie Matthews and her husband Carl Youngman about their work with the Madrona Writers and how prompts facilitate writing. Listen
Sheila talks with poet and poetry reading curator Bill Mawhinney about his writing life and poetry.  Listen
cherl-merrill120 Sheila talks with Cheryl Merrill about the writings in her memoir-in-progress about several trips to Africa to walk with elephants. Listen
BrendaMiller Author photo Sheila talks with creative nonfiction writer Brenda Miller about her work and teaching. Listen
Sheila talks with author Susan Orlean about her writing career from journalism to feature articles to books.  Listen
Dennis-Must Sheila speaks with Dennis Must about his long writing career from plays to the novel The World’s Smallest Bible. Listen
Terry_Persun200 Sheila talks about writing and publishing with Terry Persun, author of over a dozen books of fiction and poetry. Listen
jpierce_biophoto Sheila talks with John Pierce, technical editor for companies such as Microsoft as well as editor of poetry for Copper Canyon and Floating Bridge Press. Listen
sarah-playdell  Sheila talks with award-winning novelist, performer and playwright Sarah Pleydell about her work. Listen
Midge-Raymond Sheila talks with author and publisher Midge Raymond about her fiction, non-fiction and Ashland Creek Press. Listen
JudyReeves2010  Sheila talks with writer, writing teaching and writing practice provocateur Judy Reeves. Listen
DavidReich200 Sheila speaks with writer David Reich about his memoir-in-progress. Listen
StephanieReith Sheila talks with chaplain Stephanie Tivona Reith about writing contemporary psalms. Listen
susan_rich_web200 Sheila speaks with poet Susan Rich about her collection Cloud Pharmacy and teaching poetry. Listen
Gabriel Rummonds300 Sheila is talking with famed hand press printer Gabriel Rummonds about his career and memoir,Fantasies & Hard Knocks, My Life as a Printer. Listen
Sue Silverman Sheila talks with award-winning memoirist Sue William Silverman about her career in writing and teaching and her newest memoir, The Pat Boone Fan Club. Listen
sjoholm2 Sheila talks with Barbara Sjoholm about her work as a novelist, translator, and creative nonfiction writer. Listen
Judith-Skillman-BW150 Sheila talks with poet Judith Skillman about her new books of both poetry and lessons for poets. Listen
barbarastahura Sheila talks with Barbara Stahura about her work as a novelist, translator, and creative nonfiction writer. Listen
Patrick Sullivan300 Sheila is talking with Patrick Sullivan, Managing Editor of the Port Townsend Leader, a weekly community newspaper about journalism and serving the community. Listen
TinaTessina 120 Sheila speaks with Tina Tessina, who as a psychotherapist and author of 13 books, works and writes about couples and romance. Listen
abigailthomas300 Sheila Bender talks with New York memoirist Abigail Thomas about her writing career, handling reviews and teaching others to write what is most in their hearts. Listen
molly-tinsley-300 Sheila talks with novelist and memoirist Molly B. Tinsley about her foray into writing a novel for middle graders. Listen
kathryn-trueblood Sheila talks with feminist fiction writer Kathryn Trueblood and her work and the publishing world. Listen
julievanpelt Sheila talks with Port Townsend editor Julie Van Pelt about how editors work and her career and beliefs as an editor. Listen
Bev-West240 Sheila talks with poet, journalist, and memoirist Beverly West about the writing of her memoir Finding My Way Back to 1950s Paris. Listen
Susan Wingate200 Sheila talks with fiction writer Susan Wingate about writing and promoting one’s work. Listen
StevenWinn300 Sheila Bender talks with San Francisco author Steven Winn about his career as a memoirist, poet, short fiction writer, and theater and culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. Listen

For more information about Steven Winn, here’s where you can read his articles at  or download his memoir.

carolyne-wright  Sheila talks with Seattle poet Carolyne Wright about her life in poetry. Listen