Make Your Writing Dreams Come True! Learn from Poet, Essayist and Author Sheila Bender

“Thank you for your amazing insights and knowing just the right way to pluck at my threads to help me to open to the page. That in itself is a very rare and admirable art.”” ~ Cassandra Hamilton

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Next Up: Personal Essay
Workshop Dates: 9/16 to 10/21/2020
2 Spots Left!

Write and share four essays or chapters from your memoir-in-progress, of up to 2500 to 3000 words. Use optional prompts or send in essays and chapters that you’ve been already working on. Receive detailed response from Sheila and your classmates as well as provide your responses to classmates’ drafts.

Exciting New Online Class “Where Story Begins”
with Guest Instructor Yesim Cimcoz

September 28 to November 2
3 Spots Left!
Author Yesim Cimcoz believes any form of writing begins in a place within, a place where your soul cracked. It may be a small crack or a large one, you may or may not be aware of it but that is the place from which the stories you’ve gathered all your life, begin to seep out. Whether you want to write fiction, non-fiction, a poem, a novel, or a short story…no matter what shape you want your stories to come out, they have to travel through you before they take shape. This workshop aims to give you the courage to dig for those stories. Lessons include articles and prompts to help you write without fear and anxiety. You’ll quiet the inner critic and enjoy writing for writing’s sake without worrying about sentence structure, punctuation, or literary value as you seek stories, which arrive from a deeper place. Over the weeks, you will receive specialized response from Yesim and up to five classmates on four of your writings.

Remember: When it comes to work-in-progress there is no bad writing, only opportunities for good writing. Beginning new work or reshaping older work? Sheila and the Writing It Real community will help you look into your creative nonfiction, memoir, personal essay, poetry and short fiction, for surprises and wisdom. Join Writing It Real today. It’s the “write” place for expert guidance and tremendously useful resources.