Book-length Manuscript Evaluation

The manuscript evaluation fee includes a one-and-a-half-hour Zoom or phone conversation with Sheila arranged after you receive your manuscript back with her reader responses, extensive notes, and editorial letter. The reading time usually takes about three weeks after she receives the manuscript. Email Sheila to learn about her availability and if you have questions.

Non-Member Price: $1845

Not a member? A Lifetime Membership To Writing It Real is included with this service for an additional $45.

“For those of you considering a complete edit on your work, I can say that Sheila’s work is clear and concise. She takes a personal interest in helping you put your story to paper and she leaves you with the idea that you can be the writer you want to be.” ~ Suzy Beal

“I have had three writing experiences with Sheila Bender that revealed different aspects of her work. In her teaching she gave specific examples that provided footholds for moving forward. When reviewing my novel, she analyzed both themes and details to enable me to dig deeper and produce a richer text. Sheila is talented and easy to work with, even at a distance. I highly recommend her for improving writing at all levels.”   ~ Ellen Fisher