Writing Children’s Books: Not as Easy as A B C

Those of us who write from personal experience often think that we’d like to share life lessons and delights in the form of literature for children.  Excited by our desire to write, we also feel in touch with the child in ourselves who loves learning and has a need to know.   But when it comes … Continue reading
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About Nancy Smiler Levinson

I entered the world of poetry beginning in the years of my husband’s illness, when she edited my book, MOMENTS OF DAWN: A Poetic Memoir of Love & Family, Affliction & Affirmation.   I have been fortunate since then in having poems published in Poetica, Survivor’s Review, Third Wednesday, Rat’s Ass Review, Burningword Literary, and others, as well as essays printed in several anthologies.  Forthcoming this month a poem will appear on line in antiBODY and a poetic narrative on Emma Lazarus in a history/poetry journal, Copperfield Review. One of two writings tied for second place in our fall/winter 2018 writing contest is "Gravesite Visit," a poem by Writing It Real member Nancy Levinson.

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