About James Bertolino

James Bertolino’s poetry has appeared internationally in books, magazines and anthologies for over 40 years. His poetry won the Book-of-the-Month Club Poetry Fellowship, the Discovery Award, a Hart Crane publication award, an NEA fellowship, and two Quarterly Review of Literature book awards, among others. His latest volume is Pocket Animals: 60 Poems.

On Poetry Collaboration

Editor’s Note: All the poems printed in this article are a collaboration of the two authors, James Bertolino and Anita K. Boyle. “Hard Candy” first appeared in the print journal Cranky, No. 1, 2004 as did James Bertolino’s instructional essay on poetic collaboration;  “One Day” appeared in StringTown, No.6, 2003 and “On Edge” appeared in … Continue reading

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