Befriending the Giant + Membership


Whether you have work you want to publish singly or as a book-length manuscript in print and/or digitally, this class will teach you what you need to know do do it as well as explainĀ opportunities you hadnā€™t considered.

Your fee of $195 includes a membership at a $5 discount.



We have received your payment of $195 dollars for our Online Befriending the Giant Workshop and a Lifetime Membership in Writing It Real. You will soon receive an email that explains how to use your Writing It Real membership and take advantage of the benefits.

Terry Persun and IĀ look forward to working with you. You will receive email from me shortly before our startĀ date explaining our online classroom, class logistics and access to the instructional videos we have made. Terry has worked with Amazon’s author tools for years, publishing many of his own books and heading up many Amazon online projects with other authors. We are hopeful that sharing his instruction will help you acquaint yourself with increasing your visibility as an author.

If you have questions, please contact me at



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