How and Why We Write

The Writing It Real March 2020 article is a compilation of writings by Writing It Real members on a topic dear to our hearts–how and why we write.

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Congratulations to our Writing It Real member contributors:

Virginia Amis
Susie Beal
Carol J. Wechsler Blatter
Joan Connor
Shelagh Cosgrove
Debra Gilbreath
Karin Goldberg
Cassandra Hamilton
J.K. Hayward-Trout
Toke Hoppenbrouwers
David D. Horowitz
Gary Langford
Wynne Leon
Dami Roelse
Dorothy Ross
Barbara Simmons
Nancy Smiler Levinson
Judith Sornberger
Penne Wilson
Sheila Bender

I know I am delighted with your thoughts and how you expressed them. I believe your fellow members will be, too.

This was a gratifying project. Look for a new deadline soon for an anthology of Writing It Real member writings on another topic. Get your keyboards ready!

PS: Contributors to this collection and future collections retain the copyright to their material.

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How and Why We Write — 9 Comments

  1. What a delight to read the range of distinct, passionate voices in this anthology! I like how each piece contrasts and compliments the next and that the whole piece gives a feeling of “something bigger” afoot in The Writer’s life.

    Thank you for the honor to be a part of these gorgeous pages.

  2. I am humbled by the wonderful writer’s who contributed to this anthology and, I am honored to be a part of it. I love how many writer’s shared the elation and torture of the process. I’m thankful for reading new perspectives and similar struggles. It makes me feel a part of a family. I too want to pass out hugs to this group. Thank you Shelia for pulling this family together and, thank you to your husband for his help. I absolutely love the cover!

  3. I’ve read many essays by writers who write why they write, and I find this collection to be the most beautiful, moving, and heartfelt that one could ever hold ( as in close to one’s heart and soul). As I read the essays and poem, enjoying the range of individual births and depths of
    each writer, I wanted to warmly hug each writer. Or gather everyone in a warm-group hug.
    I, too, offer gratitude to all contributors for sharing their stories, as well as Sheila for giving me the honor of inclusion. Sheila’s ‘acknowledgment’ at the end is lovely. And the cover, I add, is quite special.

  4. I have begun reading the anthology…. invigorating and inspiring….and so honored to have been included….Fun to recognize former classmates in workshops with Sheila, too! I will be sharing this with former colleagues at the high school where I taught!
    Barbara Simmons

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