About Creating and Performing “Is Story of Poor Sea Village Girl,” a Play by Writing It Real Member Mara Lathrop — 5 Comments

  1. The rhythm of the dialog and choppy phrases are delightful. I think it a treat to watch one actor portray multiple roles and, for an actor like Mark Lewis, a great opportunity to flex artistry. For the playwright, I think this technique focuses each event in the story: makes it easier to trim the unnecessary and bring to life action. I especially like the beat around the Refusal of the Call, especially the lines, “Coldfar no is yes! Is no no!”

    • Cassie, your responses are very rewarding! Thank you for your comment and description of what you found delightful! As a theater director yourself, you’ve seen very deeply into the play’s structure and delight!

    • I wasn’t sure about the broken english at first but, as soon as I watched the actors breathe life into The Man and Sea Village Girl I wanted more! I love how the author spoke only present tense Italian because of the complexity of the language, and now, I can’t wait to see this play on March 11th.

      • Hi Julie, I’m so happy you’re going to watch SEA VILLAGE GIRL and my two actors’ incredible performances. About my present-tense-only Italian, a friend in Tuscany, Adriano, would sometimes say my horrible Italian was affascinante (charming) and accattivante (endearing) as I blathered on like a preschooler. It always made me laugh. And blush. Italian men!

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