Pat LaPointe and Marie Hartung Write Open Letters to Those Who Tried to Discourage Them From Writing — 4 Comments

    • It can be sweet revenge when the one who put us down does get to hear of our success. Then, of course, it is possible that they revise history by saying making it hard for us was their way to teach us how to succeed. You can’t win with some who don’t see the harm they do. I enjoyed the way Marie got to tell Mrs. Theisen of her success for the rest of us to hear!

  1. Bravo, Sam! There are too many teachers (and bosses) like Mrs. Theisen, who fear the people they are supposed to be leading and keep them in line, so they think, with reprimands, criticism, and insults trying to get the others to become their allies for fear of being the next one made “an example” of.

  2. Ah, Marie. Some “teachers” aren’t teachers! I’ll bet she never apologized to you, either. I wonder if Mrs.Theisen ever dreamed about you? I wonder if she ever realized how she hurt you? My guess is not. I wonder how many years she “taught” before she realized her mistakes. (You probably weren’t the only student that had to experience her. I wonder if she had children of her own? I wonder if she sat in the teacher’s lounge and complained about her terrible class and that student (you!) who would never be a success in life. It isn’t the same, but I apologize to you and I applaud you for becoming a success in your own way. Blessings to you.

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