At 80, Dorothy Ross Followed Author Anne Lamott’s Advice, Got her Memoir Written and Published It. — 5 Comments

  1. Dorothy,
    This was a fun excerpt to read from your memoir. I was very much with you on your journey and enjoyed reading about the colorful characters and mechanical pitstops along the way!

    • Dear CCS,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about my RV tales It was fun to write and it got my writing juices flowing again after a dry spell of more than two years following my husband’s death. Writing really does heal.
      Dorothy Ross

  2. From Nancy Levinson to Dorothy:

    Dorothy, I very much enjoyed your memoir’s excerpt posted by Sheila.
    You are a consummate story teller. As I sit here at my computer,
    reading your vivid details and authentic responses,
    I also traveled along with you and Bill on your bumpy travel.
    I’m glad that you took the big step in publishing, and I wish you all the best
    on your continued writing journey. Nancy Levinson

    • Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate your taking the time to read and respond.. Your enthusiastic reading of this Rv debacle has me thinking about other camping anecdotes I could retrieve from my files to start a new book.
      I just read your poem about the Morton’s salt. I can relate, especially when I reach into my condiment cupboard and find the “ground”ginger has solidified since last Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  3. What a trip, Dorothy, in the fancy RV comfortable but difficult to service in the boonies. You seem to have fun no matter what! And thank you fo the reminder from Anne Lamott. There’s no time like now to write the writing you have always wanted to.

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