About Eileen Apperson

Eileen Apperson teaches English composition, literature, and creative writing at Reedley College in California, where she is English Department Chair and Writing Center founder and coordinator.

Los Tulares: The Place of the Rushes

Many of us have a connection to place and want to use research about that location’s founding, settlement, history, flora and fauna in our writing. Eileen Apperson’s essay about Los Tulares provides a good example of how love of place and fact finding can make an informative essay that preserves and shares valuable knowledge. Los … Continue reading

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Writing About Place

In graduate school, at California State University-Fresno, Eileen Apperson began what was to become a longer creative non-fiction project when she wrote one short essay about the eradication of Tulare Lake, which was once the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi. She found that her classmates and professor had never heard of the … Continue reading

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