About Elaine Partnow

Elaine Bernstein Partnow is an author and public speaker noted for her living history portrayals of women. Her books include The Quotable Woman, The First 5,000 Years, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Your True Age , The Quotable Jewish Woman, The Female Dramatist, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Great Quotes for Any Occasion and Everyday Speaking for all Occasions.

An Introduction that Puts Argument to Work

In this slightly abbreviated excerpt from another of author Elaine Partnow’s introductions, we see an argument at work that informs as it asks us to consider the absence of women from lists of notable playwrights.  Partnow has put her book together, she says, to “allow women playwrights throughout history to resurface, as well as to … Continue reading

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Words of Introduction Outline a Book

Elaine Partnow wrote this introduction for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Your True Age, which she co-authored with her sister Judith Hyman, Ph.D. You will see the work a book’s introduction can do for managing readers’ expectations of how a book is ordered and how they will participate in learning. Youth is as much a … Continue reading

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Elaine Partnow, Author, Actor, Playwright

I started out in life as an actress. Around my 32nd year, I was depressed. I had been getting great reviews on my theater performances in LA, but I was not getting hired for films. I had little parts in big movies and big parts in little movies, but not the work for which I … Continue reading

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