About Martha Grace Duncan

Martha Grace Duncan's law review article, So Young and So Untender: Remorseless Children and the Expectations of the Law, was published in the Columbia Law Review. Her memoir, A Perfect Start, was named a 2004 Notable Essay by The Best American Essays.Her book is Romantic Outlaws, Beloved Prisons: The Unconscious Meanings of Crime and Punishment.

An Interview with Author and Law Professor Martha Grace Duncan

I met Martha Grace Duncan and became aware of her work when she made a research trip to Seattle for a personal essay she was writing about her stepmother. When I first learned she’d come to research for a personal essay, I immediately admired her commitment– many people believe only novels and other book length … Continue reading

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So Have I Been A Good Stepmother?

This week, we begin a series about the work of writer and Emory University law professor Martha Grace Duncan. In her essay and book writing, Martha combines her passions for law, teaching, and memoir. This memoir originally appeared in The Gettysburg Review, 19:3, Autumn, 2006. So Have I Been a Good Stepmother? By Martha Grace … Continue reading

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