About Michael Sowder

Michael Sowder’s poetry collection, The Empty Boat, won the 2004 TS Eliot Award. His newest books are House Under the Moon and Whitman’s Ecstatic Union, a study of Walt Whitman’s poetry. Michael also writes creative nonfiction about Buddhism, Hinduism, and the natural world.

16 Reflections on Writing a Buddhist (or Any) Poem

I In the high reaches of the Bear River Mountains of Northern Utah the leaves of the big tooth maples are turning red, and the sky arches a rich blue over the campus of Utah State University. I think of my own college student days, the world opening before me with continents of thought and … Continue reading

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Creating Voice in Poetry and Prose

Voice is one the most essential features of successful writing; if we fail to create an authentic, credible voice in our work, that work will fail — in spite of other virtues it may have. However, voice is often referred to as something elusive and indefinable. In their book, A Poet’s Companion, Kim Addonizio and … Continue reading

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