About Nancy Rekow

Nancy Rekow has served as a poet in the schools, taught writing in community colleges, and directed the Northwest Poets & Artists Calendar project for Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council. She is co-founder of NW Trillium Press, which published a 3rd edition of Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens and Far As I Can Remember: An Immigrant Woman’s Story, 1888-1975

Lifesaving with Oral Histories

After reading Nancy Rekow’s oral history works, I wrote to her with questions, hoping for an article that allowed Writing It Real subscribers access to the thought process and background that fed her desire to write oral history. In response, Nancy wrote the following article and sent me this note: “Thanks, Sheila, for sending me … Continue reading

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Far As I Can Remember

Last week we posted Nancy Rekow’s foreword to the oral history she wrote from interviews with Minnie Rose Lovgreen, her neighbor of many years. This week we post an excerpt so you can experience Minnie’s voice and the skill with which Nancy selected transcriptions from the many interviews. There is more information about the book … Continue reading

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Recording Oral History

Writing oral histories is a project of the heart. An author is struck with a strong desire to write the life of another in that other’s words because they find something colorful, endearing and valuable about that person’s experiences. This kind of writing, which contains as little interference as possible from the author’s updated mind, … Continue reading

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