About Olivia Dresher

Olivia Whitaker Dresher is a writer, publisher, anthologist, former musician, and an advocate for Historic Preservation. In the 1960s she began to publish her poetry in literary journals and anthologies, and in the 1970s, she began to teach and perform music and wrote her own songs. She founded Impassio Press, which publishes the online journal fraglit.

Recognizing Fragmentary Writing as a Genre

  Sheila Olivia, I was introduced to your press when one of your authors, Sandi Sonnenfeld, asked me to write a blurb about her book, This Is How I Speak, which is a memoir in diary form. I have been intrigued ever since with your idea of committing your press to publishing what you call … Continue reading

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An Excerpt from “Art is a Lie that Tells the Truth”

Art is a lie that tells the truth. — Picasso A fantasy: I want to write A Diary of Lies. Actually, it’s already in my head, written in invisible ink. But I could just as easily call it A Diary of Imagination. It pretends to be real in order to express the full flavor of … Continue reading

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