About Vicki Horton

Vicki Sutherland Horton reads her poetry and short stories at Astoria, Oregon’s Fisher Poets and Port Townsend’s Fisher Poets. A sixth-generation Washingtonian, she is writing a memoir about her experiences while commercial fishing with her father and the ensuing struggles after the Boldt Decision, a 1974 court ruling allocating 50 percent share of salmon and steelhead harvest to tribal fishermen.

A Writer’s Digest Prize-Winning Essay

Who among us wouldn?t envy the stamp of approval Vicki Horton?s personal essay ?Fishing with My Father? received from Writer?s Digest magazine in 2016? In answer to some of my questions about this writing and her writing life, Vicki responded: As you know writing is done mostly in isolation. I am my worst critic and … Continue reading

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