Nowhere But Up from Here — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Pat,

    This is such a sweet poignant piece. You’ve captured the difference from the past to the present and given us a true meaning of “determined to make the best” of a difficult situation.
    I’m so pleased things have turned out differently for you and yours.
    Happy holidays. Suzy

    • Back from sister Thanksgiving in the desert and wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments. I made my sisters read it, of course, because I’m the oldest and I get to do stuff like that. They teared up and shared it with friends.

      I hope you all had your own great holidays!

      Pat Detmer

  2. I loved this – the comparison of “then” and “now” and the determination of that five-person gathering to keep up a tradition, dammit!
    Sometimes, in real life, that’s what to takes: determination and hope. And the determination of this small gathering fostered (dare I say fertilized) that hope so that now, decades later – the contrast means even more. Thank you so much for sharing this bit of personal history.

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