20 Online Sites to Increase Your Reading Pleasure Despite Today’s Pressures and Lack of Time

This week I am posting links to 20 sites that I’ve been “reading around” online. It’s summer and supposed to be those slow, lazy days, but there is so much going on for so many of us, that we may long for some online literature to come to our rescue when we aren’t quite settled in for a long read or want to know what we might read if we can find that settled time, whether that is memoir, short fiction, poetry, or articles about submitting our work for publication or about paths to publishing books in today’s world.

So check out these links on your computers, your phones or your tablets. These rich sites with many short reads will have you enjoying more summer reading than you may have thought possible in these busy and often distracting time. And many have lists that you will explore when you have more leisure (those times do come, don’t they?).

And, if you have favorite online reading sites, please let us know the names and links in the comment section following this post.

1. Lit Hub: An extremely rich site for stories, craft articles, reviews, interviews and writer discussions

2. Electric Lit: The Commuter: A single piece of poetry, flash, graphic and experimental narrative arriving every Monday Morning.

3. Book Fox: Top 24 Websites for Flash Fiction

4. Book Riot: 21 Flash fiction stories to read while you wait anywhere

5. iStories on Narrative Magazine

6. On Bustle: 12 Online Literary Journals You Should Definitely Read (Or Even Submit To)

7. Bookfox: 30 Small But Awesome Literary Magazines

8. Hippocampus: Memorable Creative Nonfiction

9. Narratively: Human Stories Boldly Told

10. Poetry Society of America: A rich site for reading poetry, learning about chapbook publishers, literary organizations and more.

11. LitLine: A site about online journals, presses, events and more

12. Aerogramme Writers Studio: 9 Literary Journals for New and Unpublished Writers

13. Every Writer: Best Online Literary Journals

14. New York Times Book Review Podcast: The 50 Best Memoirs of the Last 50 Years.

15. Book Riot: 15 Essay-Length Short Memoirs to Read on Your Lunch Break

16. Riverteeth Journal: Blog: Beautiful Things

17. Lunch Ticket Literary Journal

18. The Electric Typewriter: 50 Short Memoirs, Examples of Narrative Personal Essays by Famous Authors

19. The Write Life: Where to Submit Short Stories: 23 Magazines and Websites that want Your Work.

20. Jane Friedman: The Key Book Publishing Paths for 2019-2020

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