Listening to Writers–New, Emerging and Well-Published

Every month, two of my 30-minute interviews with writers air on  KPTZ 91.9 FM. Over many years now, I have interviewed not only well-published poets, journalists, novelists, memoirists and other creative nonfiction writers, but those who are at the beginnings of their writing lives or have just had their work accepted by literary journals and small press publishers.

It has been my good fortune to learn from them and to listen to the writings they share during our program tapings. You can see the most recently aired programs in podcast form listed on the lower right of’s home page under the On Air KPTZ icon. You can also find all the programs from over the years in the archives on the website.

It is my hope that you will visit the links frequently and choose from among the many conversations posted. There are short descriptions there about who I am talking with and what in their writing life we are addressing.

For this week, I think you may enjoy my conversations with the following writers about writing poetry,  novels and memoir:

Conversations with Poets

In Conversation with Sharon Bryan

Sheila talks with poet Sharon Bryan about her life in poetry, writing and teaching.

In Conversation with Mary Mackey

Sheila is talking with CA poet, novelist and Emeritus Professor Mary Mackey about her writing and her career efforts to advance environmental awareness and women’s opportunities to publish their writing

In Conversation With John O’Connor

Sheila is speaking with Vermont poet and songwriter, John O’Connor about how he came to writing poems and winning a distinguished contest for publication of his first volume.

In Conversation with Martha Silano and Kelli Russell Agodon

Sheila talks with poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano of Two Sylvia’s Press about their work encouraging each other’s writing as well as creating their book, The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts for Your Writing Practice.

In Conversation with Swami Pranesh Cadman

Sheila is speaking about incense poems with Swami Pranesh Cadman, who practices Zen in Seattle, WA.

Conversations with Prose Writers

In Conversation with Peter Donahue

Sheila is talking with WA novelist Peter Donahue about his approach to historical fiction and writing about place as he authored There Sides Water: Three Short Novels, each of set in a different decade and location on the Olympic Peninsula.

In Conversation with Susan Orlean

Sheila Bender talks with author Susan Orlean about her writing career from journalism to feature articles to books.

In Conversation with Pam Houston

Sheila speaks with fiction writer Pam Houston about her book Contents May Have Shifted, the Port Townsend, WA 2013 Community Read.

In Conversation with Vicki Sutherland Horton

Sheila is talking with Port Townsend, WA Fisher Poet Vicki Sutherland Horton about her writing and the organization that has inspired her.


When you listen to the programs, jot down whatever lines from the interviewee strike you. Jot down words they use about their experience as writers.  Peruse what you have written down to keep you writing, to inspire a new piece of writing, and to research how to keep going writing as well get your work out there to venues and audiences who will appreciate it.

Please add a comment below about your experience of listening to these writers. And you may want to suggest some writers I could invite to the program as well.





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