About Barbara Stahura

Barbara is a freelance writer and essayist who writes about and facilitates workshops for TBI survivors. For more information on her personal essays and book about the brain injured using writing visit her home page and blog.

Fallow Time

[From What I Thought I Knew, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc., 2008]Faint light is leaking through the bedroom mini-blinds, but there’s no good reason to get out of bed. It’s late winter in Southern Indiana. The sodden ground is blotched with dirty patches of snow, and wilted lawns droop, defeated under ashen clouds that have hung overhead … Continue reading

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Interview with the Author of What I Thought I Knew

What I Thought I Knew is a gorgeous collection of life-, love- and spirit-affirming personal essays. In the preface to her book, Barbara Stahura says it this way: Sometimes, I wake up early in my grown-up bed, windows open around it, and hear the distant whistle of trains. It is then I remember that little … Continue reading

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