About Betsy Howell

Betsy Howell writes about her adventures as a biologist. Her work appears in The Apple Valley Review, Women in Natural Resources, and The Back Road to Crazy from the University of Utah Press. Her book Acoustic Shadows is based on her great-great-grandfather’s 1862-1865 Civil War diaries and her father’s WWII experiences.

Finding One’s Way Through Writing

Betsy L. Howell, an only child, was 31 when both of her parents had died. She was drinking and upset with herself when she started to ask questions about her parents’ lives and read the family heirloom her father treasured — the diary of his great grandfather’s Civil War experience. Drawn in by the journals … Continue reading

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Retracing Her Great-Great-Grandfather’s Footsteps

The following is an excerpt from Acoustic Shadows: Men at War and a Daughter Who Remembers Them by Betsy Howell. At 31, after the death of both her parents, Betsy sought solace in a family heirloom–the diary of her great-great-grandfather James Darsie Heath’s journals documenting his service in the Union army during the Civil War. … Continue reading

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