About Cyndi Lloyd

Cyndi Lloyd's writing has been published in the Salt Lake Tribune and seven times in sine cera anthologies. Her short story was a 6/2013 Writing It Real contest winner. New poems appear in the Fall 2014 issue of The Bark and the 14.2 issue of tinywords.

To Follow Your Words, Not Your Keys, Home

Years ago, a poet friend of mine, Jim Mitsui, ended a poem with an image of people “following their keys home.” That image has lingered with me as a lesson about what the writing life saves us from, which is the dullness of always expecting the expected, and what it requires of us, which is … Continue reading

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2nd Place Winner in Our Spring/Summer 2013 Contest

Our guest judge Terry Persun chose Cyndi Lloyd’s story “Recess” as the second place winner in Writing It Real’s Spring/Summer 2013 Writing Contest. He commented: I like the way this writer was able to draw out several different personalities in such a small space. I felt as though I knew these men and the older … Continue reading

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