About Donna Miscolta

Donna Miscolta's novel When the de la Cruz Family Danced and story collection Natalie Wood's Fake Puerto Rican Accent, which was selected by Peter Ho Davies as a finalist for the 2010 Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, are highly recommend and reviewed. Learn more on Donna's web site and blog.

Remedies for Writer’s Envy

In her blog on her writer’s life,  the author of When the de la Cruz Family Danced shares her personal approach to dealing with what she calls “writer’s envy.”  Whether you have published or are seeking to publish, it is not hard to identify with what Donna reveals. Writing takes a lot of energy and … Continue reading

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Experience at a Writers’ Conference on the State of Publishing

At every writer’s workshop and class I teach, participants ask about self-publishing and publishing with established presses. Here’s novelist and short fiction writer Donna Miscolta’s blog piece on being in the midst of learning what presses and agents are saying and how writers seem to be feeling in the midst of it all. When I … Continue reading

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