About Joan Weimer

Joan Weimer won the McGinness Award for nonfiction. Kirkus called her book Back Talk: Teaching Lost Selves to Speak a “powerful, inspiring memoir." In a second memoir, Awestruck: A Skeptic’s Pilgrimage, she extends her expertise in healing to healing relationships. She edited Jewish Renewal in America: 22 Stories of Transformation, Spirit and Community.

The Limits of Skepticism

describes a time of not writing but enjoying the garden of a rented London apartment.  Her husband thinks she is avoiding her writing, but actually she is cultivating it. Sometimes writing is allowing the senses in without direction. In the garden, specific blossoms stir specific memories of her mother. Weimer sits and plants and remembers. … Continue reading

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Interview with Joan Weimer

Joan Weimer’s second memoir, Awestruck: A Skeptic’s Pilgrimage, just out this year, opens with a dramatic prologue: The plane is so near the ground I can make out individual palm trees, their fronds whipped into a frenzy by a tremendous wind. Wet red tiles on the roofs are close enough to count. Abruptly the left … Continue reading

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