About Kate M. Bracy

Kate Bracy is an essayist, medical writer and nurse. She is the author of The Everything Health Guide to Menopause and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sexual Health and Fitness. She is a contributor to Everyday Miracles in Nursing and to many nursing and health journals.

That Crazy Little Thing, a Novel that Tackles What’s Big for a Writer and Her Characters

That Crazy Little Thing a debut novel by Kate Bracy has garnered wonderful reviews from readers and critics because of the author’s writing, the way she has developed her characters and how they explore issues of love — between friends, parents and their children, and adults looking for partners who understand them. Following Kate’s answers … Continue reading

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Mother’s Curse

[DAP userId=”10″]This is a Special Edition for Kate Bracy’s readers. We hope you enjoy it. Please consider trying Writing It Real for two weeks for only $.99.[/DAP] I admire the way Kate M. Bracy threads her essay with the words of the “mother’s curse,” using them four times  (at the beginning, a couple of times … Continue reading

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