About Nahid Rachlin

Nahid Rachlin has published many books, including four novels, Jumping Over FireForeigner, Married to a Stranger, The Heart's Desire, and a collection of short stories, Veils. Her latest publications are a memoir, Persian Girls and the novella, Crowd of Sorrows, an Amazon Single. A volume of short stories will be available fall, 2018.

Nahid Rachlin on Her Writing With Generous Excerpts from Her Memoir

This past weekend, I was in conversation with fiction writer and memoirist Nahid Rachlin about her books and writing career. for my radio show on KPTZ ?In Conversation: Discussions on Writing and the Writing Life.? It had been over a decade since she and I had last held an interview, printed in The Writer?s Chronicle … Continue reading

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An Interview with Nahid Rachlin, Part Two

[This week’s article continues the interview Sheila did with writer Nahid Rachlin for the May, 2008 AWP Chronicle. Part one SheilaWhat advice do you have for those writing from painful political and family backgrounds? NahidMy advice is that they should give themselves time to understand it all and not be in the state of grief … Continue reading

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An Interview with Nahid Rachlin

This article originally appeared in the AWP Chronicle, May, 2008 Nahid Rachlin has published four novels, Jumping Over Fire, (City Lights), Foreigner (W.W. Norton), Married to a Stranger (E.P.Dutton), The Heart’s Desire (City Lights), and a collection of short stories, Veils (City Lights). Penguin published her memoir Persian Girls in Fall, 2006. Her individual short … Continue reading

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