About Rodney L. Merrill

Rodney L. Merrill is earning a Ph.D. "In the past few years, my path of reading, movie watching, and continuing education has drawn me to postmodern philosophy and constructionist social theory. I have concluded that the path of 'many-answers-and-no-answers' is the path for me."

Why Do You Write? How Do You Write? – Part 2

After Rodney Merrill received my answers to his questions about writing and my motivation to write, he sent me an interesting letter about his writing process and his knowledge of what those who study writers say. And he asked me more questions. I tried my best to answer the new questions. It isn’t often that … Continue reading

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Why Do You Write? How Do You Write?

Last fall, doctoral candidate Rodney Merrill sent me a questionnaire about my approach to writing. He was surveying many writers while researching for his dissertation in the area of social constructionist views on writing. I was very taken with his inquiry and ideas and answered the questions. Soon, I interviewed Rodney so Writing It Real … Continue reading

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Baking Powder Biscuits

I thought Ma was my own birth mother until I was about twelve years old. And why wouldn’t I? When in one of her buoyant moods, she boasted that my good looks, smarts, generosity, even my willfulness were owing to her side of the family. When she said that, my heart raced and my face … Continue reading

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Interview with Rodney L. Merrill

Rodney L. Merrill contacted me for an interview about writing from personal experience. He explained that for his doctoral thesis, he is conducting a “research study on how skilled personal essay writers go about writing personal essays and how this process might be applied to improve the teaching of writing and writerly practice in the … Continue reading

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