Back-to-School Memory from David Horowitz — 2 Comments

  1. David, I love the “late Sumer just before school” memories. And I love how well you brought me along side you (theoretically speaking) for your first few days of school. Such clarity in your descriptions and then you were accepted and connected and your new life became easier. Well written! (I also winced at the cast on your arm and the specific description of how that happened without even a hit of “pity me”. Well done.)

  2. David, I can certainly relate. I was the new girl in a new state when I was in 8th grade. Standing in front of the room each hour in one class after another hearing the teacher introduce me as I looked over a sea of kids I didn’t know was excruciating. Like you, though, I did end up making some really good friends. I wish I knew them today, but alas, I moved again and again, and staying in touch without the internet to help was not easy.

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