Nancy Levinson’s Poem and Sue Pace’s Essay Triggered by Summer Memories — 5 Comments

  1. I am thrilled that more of you are looking forward to more summer writing on WIR. So, please send in your pieces and I will post them throughout August–then we can go back to school in September!

  2. What a pleasure to remember melting juices running down my arm! I’ve been there, done that! AND Sue: Oh my! The moment of fear that curls my toes! and a father’s assurance that “It’s not your fault!” Accepting the blame of the adult handled so well. Leaving you to carry a positive”What if” the rest of your life. Thanks to Sheila for including these two writings for our summer start. I look forward to your many contributions.

  3. I truly loved Nancy’s poem. The melting sorbet captured my attention from the very beginning and I kept relating to the various descriptions which crossed time and family and love and sorrow. I am honored to be part of Sheila’s Summer Memories program.

  4. Not only am I pleased to be posted here, but I am especially so to be paired with Sue Pace’s essay.
    In but seven paragraphs, there is so much in her story and in the eliciting of my breath-catch at the peak moment of fear.
    We picture the physical scenes with details, we know Sue as a responsible child, each family member, the tough Marine father (who softens), and the just-right short dialogue that move the story forward. A perfect example of a short, personal essay : )

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