Writing Our Own Stories Helps Others Write Theirs: Essay by and Interview with Joan Leof — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you Sheila, Joan, for sharing.
    One more dot has been connected for me on how to make use of resonance from another’s essay.
    I wish Joan’s book was also in e-book format. It would have been nice to read some more essays and see the questions that follow.

    Thank you once more for sharing. I have gained new insight. Maureen

      • Hi Joan, Many of the questions sparked a need to tell my story.
        I have now paid for a PDF version of your book. Do I get a link for the download sent to my email address? I believe an email on the transaction has been sent to AOL email account.
        Thanks in advance for sending me the link. Maureen

        • Maureen,

          Thrilled that the questions sparked your need to tell your story!

          I just emailed you the book and am so grateful you spoke up about wishing for an electronic version. People who buy my book are also invited to join MATRYOSHKA SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP where members share reactions to essays and questions in the book, their writing, and info about writing. Let me know if that interests you.

          I wish you all the best in getting those stories written!


          • Yes Joan, I am interested in joining the MATRYOSHKA facebook group.
            And thank you.

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