About Marlene B. Samuels

Marlene Samuel's work appears in  Lilith Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, ReadyMade Magazine, University of Iowa Summer Writing Anthology, Story Circle Anthology, A Long Story Short, and L.A. Review, among others. She co-authored and edited her mother’s WWII memoir, The Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival, Penguin-Berkley Press. She is at work now on other books and has conducted research for a sociological study about women’s decision making processes in midlife. She is a consultant at the A Room Of Her Own Foundation's Ghost Ranch Writer's Retreat in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Visit her at marlenesamuels.com

When Digital Isn’t Real: Fact Finding Offline for Serious Writers

When Marlene Samuels found a publisher for her deceased mother’s World War II memoir, The Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival, her editor at Penguin-Berkeley had two conditions. She would have to ensure the accuracy of all the book’s facts (the names of every town and city in Eastern Europe during the early 1900’s up to … Continue reading

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