About Pam Robinson

Pam Robinson has written for a small local weekly newspaper, The Posey County News, for the past 2 1/2 years. Her dream is to some day publish a memoir.

Our Third Place Winning Essay – Salvation by Pam Robinson

Pam Robinson is our third place winner in the Writing It Real winter, 2012 writing contest. Our guest judge, Shanti Bannwart, sent these words along about Pamela’s essay: The piece begins with a quote that provides almost a summary of the story that follows. And the almost is the trigger here, whetting the appetite of … Continue reading

Revising Pam Robinson’s Essay “Table of Plenty”

Pam Robinson’s entry into this fall’s Writing It Real contest is an essay about her memories of her mother’s cooking and life on a farm. Pam’s initial entry appears below along with my notes on the text. Pam’s revised entry and our contest judge’s complimentary words follow. With the coming of harvest, my memory takes … Continue reading