About Molly B. Tinsley

Molly Best Tinsley is the author of four novels, a story collection, and a memoir. She is also co-founder/editor of the small press, Fuze Publishing. Its beautifully refurbished website, www.fuzepublishing.com, offers an entire series of Tinsley's "Muze Taps" on the art of writing, including one entitled Voice, Part 2. She is the author of both Entering the Blue Stone (memoir) and Broken Angels (spy thriller). Her books are available from Fuze Publishing.

Enabling Voice by Molly Tinsley

We praise writing for its voice, but run into problems when we try to describe exactly what it is we’re responding to. Just as we each have an identifiable voice when we speak, there is something we call a writer’s voice that distinguishes his or her work. Faulkner’s fiction sounds different from Hemingway’s. A Mary … Continue reading

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On Writing From Life

Our writing contest guest judge, Molly Tinsley, is now reading and making her selections of three contest winners in the recent Writing It Real contest. While we are waiting for the results, we are reprinting her article about writing memoir. It appeared orignally in the November 2013 issue of Author magazine.  Molly’s words on writing from … Continue reading

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